Avoca Waterfall Black bath spout

bathroom trade shed

$135.00 $170.00


This modern, matte black, square design waterfall bath spout allows the water to gracefully glide out of the end of the spout as if it were still travelling through the spout. The bath spout sends the water on a crystal, clear and undisrupted path into your bath. The matte black finish allows finger prints to hide while still leaving a clean and modern look to the tap. The round top flows with the water leaving the spout. The spout is a relaxing addition to your modern bathroom.



The specifics


  • Material: Solid Brass Matt Black
  • Matt black electroplated finish
  • Suitable for Bath shower mixer taps or basin mixer taps
  • 1/2'' female end
  • Easy to install, Wall Mounted water outlet
  • Produced for Australian Standards
  • 5 Year replacement warranty