1500mm x 750mm Bathroom Mirror Bevel Edge Wall Mounted

bathroom trade shed

$149.00 $298.00


Mixing a classic mirror design with a minimalist aesthetic, the smooth curves make it at home in any bathroom.

Designed specifically for high condensation bathrooms, the Balat reduces the build-up of surface vapour in the steamiest of suites.

The specifics

  • Size•__1500mm x 750mm
  • 5MM thickness
  • Made of high quality materials and a gorgeous gloss finish
  • Reduces the build-up of surface vapour in the steamiest of suite
  • Bevel edge•_Î3.5mm thick around the sides
  • 4 brackets on each corner, Can be mounted Vertical or HorizontalåÊ
  • Conform to the Australian Standard
  • Packing: Original box åÊ
  • Many Sizes to Choose From, please contact us for details
  • Contents
    • 1 x Bathroom Mirror
    • Installation Accessories

  • 12 month warranty
  • NOTE: Mirrors and mirror door cabinets can not be ordered individually due to high levels of damages. They must be purchased with other bulky goods and will be delivered with a palletised order.