1160 mm Massimo Granite Kitchen Sink

bathroom trade shed

$699.00 $1,399.00


The Massimo is one of the best quality Granite sinks on the market. Performed with Italian semi-finished products and high quality first grade natural materials. 


Features of the Picco Granite Sink

Improved thermal shock resistance (+100%)

Better resistance to high temperature (+30%)

Improved impact resistance (+30%)

Improved appearance of the sink back face easy to clean.

Abrasion resistant of the show face (optimal, same of traditional system)

Eco Environmentally friendly.



All our granite sinks have a 10 years manufacturer warranty. Please contact us for more details.

  • Bowl dimensions: 339mm wide x 418mm deep
  • Overall dimensions: 1160(W) x 510(L) X 217(D)
  • 10 years Warranty