1160 mm Kubico Granite Kitchen Sink

bathroom trade shed

$669.00 $1,299.00


The Kubico  provides one of the best quality Granite sinks on the market. Performed with Italian semi-finished products and high quality first chose natural materials. With exclusive design and planning our team of engineers, chemists, researchers and designers analysis, test every single stage of production up to finished product. 


Our Features

Improved thermal shock resistance (+100%)

Better resistance to high temperature (+30%)

Improved impact resistance (+30%)

Improved appearance of the sink back face easy to clean.

Abrasion resistant of the show face (optimal, same of traditional system)

Eco Environmentally friendly.


Our Process

By the union of natural granite and acrylic resin and having one of the best qualities combined, is has high resistance of granite to high temperatures, to impact the most violent shocks.

All our granite sinks have a 10 years manufacturer warranty. Please contact us for more details.